Welcome to The Wright Consulting Group (TWCG)

The Wright Consulting Group provides business owners consultative services in support of their business management systems that help their efficiencies and competitiveness. We give employers the support they need with experienced and well qualified professionals at the levels needed to keep them compliant and ensuring they meet strategic and day-to-day business objectives. We support small and established businesses with flexible work schedules and at rates that are competitive, reasonable, and affordable to ensure a Return on Investment (ROI) is realized.

Start with a free assessment of your business management system:

  • Acquisition and Contracts Management

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Government Proposal Development

  • Human Resource Management

We will conduct a free analysis of these areas to ensure compliance and identify any risk that could impact your business operations. Upon completion of our analysis we will provide a proposal that will address a corrective action plan for consideration.

At The Wright Consulting Group our goal is to help our clients with their business growth and long term mission.

We always endeavor to help business leaders create new ways to grow by supporting their infrastructure development and tailoring their strategies and capabilities needed to attain those goals. We also assist our clients in improving their execution and increasing competitiveness through building a corporate knowledge base. We drive these principal using best practices from lessons learned and by emphasizing a customer first attitude.